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Looking for your dream door? Use our one of our Door Designers now

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  • Door handles, letterboxes and Hinges

    Choices Door Hardware Options

    Standard Door Handle Range

    Balmoral Handles

    Lever door handle


    Pad Handle door handle

    Pad Handle

    Lever/Lever available in all colours shown in the Letterbox Range below.

    Traditional Door Handle Range

    Swan door handle

    Swan Handle

    Avon Slimline door handle

    Avon Slimline

    Cottage door handle


    Monkey Tail door handle

    Monkey Tail

    Pear Drop door handle

    Pear Drop

    Swan Handle available in all colours shown in the Letterbox Range below (apart from Black)

    Avon Slimline, Cottage, Monkey Tail & Pear Drop available in Black or Pewter. (Pear Drop for slim 'Residence' doors only)

    Standard Letterbox Range

    white letterbox


    black letterbox


    gold effect letterbox

    Gold Effect

    chrome effect letterbox

    Chrome Effect

    Premium Letterbox Range

    white premium letterbox


    hardex gold premium letterbox

    Hardex Gold

    hardex bright bronze premium letterbox

    Hardex Bright Bronze

    hardex graphite premium letterbox

    Hardex Graphite

    black premium letterbox


    hardex satin premium letterbox

    Hardex Satin

    hardex bright chrome premium letterbox

    Hardex Bright Chrome

    antique black premium letterbox

    Antique Black

    Standard door hinge - Dynamic

    white door hinge


    black door hinge


    brown door hinge


    caramel door hinge


    cream door hinge


    grey door hinge


    gold effect door hinge

    Gold Effect

    polished chrome door hinge

    Polished Chrome

    satin door hinge


    haven flag door hinge

    Haven Flag Hinge Upgrade Available in all Colours

    Door handle upgrade - 'Lock Lock'

    Suitable for most 'Choices' doors

    Lever door handle

    Pad Handle door handle

    White, black, gold effect, chrome and brushed

    Door Hinge upgrade - Athena

    Option for Kommerling doors

    Athena hinges white


    Athena hinges black


    Athena hinges gold effect

    Gold Effect

    Athena hinges chrome


    Athena hinges satin


    Athena hinges brown


    Athena hinges caramel


    Ultion Locking From 'Choices'

    Our most advanced Locking system yet. The Ultion Locking System has a fully Pick, Drill and Bump resistant 11 Pin System, allowing for up to 294,970 Lock Combinations! Available on any new 'Choices' Door, the Ultion Lock can even be retro fitted into existing doors.

    Mobility Threshold

    Suitable for Disabled Access and Complies with Part M Building Regulations.

    mobility threshold image